Attic Red-Figure Kylix: Tarquinia Painter


Attic Red-Figure Kylix: Tarquinia Painter

An ancient Attic Greek red-figure kylix by the Tarquinia Painter, with a disk foot and lateral handles. In the tondo, a god wearing a garland reclines and drinks from a phiale. On the exterior six nude athletes train for the long jump with weighted halteres in their hands. An Etruscan graffito under the foot names the ancient owner.

Athens, Attica.
Ca. 470 - 460 BC.
Width: 12 in. (31 cm).

The Tarquinia Painter, is the name given to an accomplished and prolific Athenian red-figure vase painter who flourished ca. 470-460 BC after a vase found in an Etruscan tomb in Tuscany: Tarquinia RC 1121, in the Museo Nazionale Tarquiniese (Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum II, pl. 22.1). Symposiats and athletes were among the artist's favorite subjects.

Confer: Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, no. 126059.

Formerly in the F.B. collection, Zurich, 1970's.

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