Chimu Gold Mask


Chimu Gold Mask

A Pre-Columbian large sheet gold Chimu funerary mask with gold foil nose rings, green stone beaded eyes, and cinnabar paint on the surface.

Middle Sican, Peru.
Ca. 800-1100 AD.
Height: 7 3/4 in. (19.5 cm).

The Chimu culture succeeded Moche culture on the north coast of Peru. Their capital was the city of Chan Chan. They had a highly developed pottery and metalwork industry. They were conquered by the Inca shortly before the Spanish arrival.

Confer: J. Jones, ed., The Art of PreColumbian Gold: the Jan Mitchell Collection, (Boston), P. 66, fig. 4; Metropolitan Museum of Art, inv. no. 1974.271.35.

Formerly in the collection of Professor Daniel Rifkin, 1960's.

Inv#: 5956


Guaranteed Authentic

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