Samnite Bronze Triple Disk Cuirass


Samnite Bronze Triple Disk Cuirass

An ancient Samnite bronze triple disk cuirass or breast plate, with an incised brass segment at the neck, hinged shoulder and side pieces, attached by clasps.

Ca. 430 - 300 BC.
Height: 13 3/4 in. (35 cm).

The triple disc cuirass originated in Samnite territory in the mountains of Southern Italy in the late 5th century BC. This light armor was well suited to the Samnites' skirmishing method of combat. The armor was later adopted by the Etruscans and Romans.

cf.: J. Warry, Warfare in the Classical World, (1995), pp. 102-103; D. Cahn, Waffen und Zaumzeug, (Basel, 1989), pp. 70-71, no. 27.

Formerly in a E. S. collection, Berlin; previously in the H. B. collection, Germany, acquired before 1992.

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