Etruscan Bucchero Amphora


Etruscan Bucchero Amphora

An ancient Etruscan bucchero four-handled amphora with a frieze of animals. The ovoid body has a concave profile neck and four ribbon handles arching from shoulder to rim. It is elegantly decorated with vertical ribbing between the shoulders and the middle of the vase, where there is an animal frieze consisting of a bearded sphinx, a deer with a fish below, a griffin, a goat, a bull, and another quadruped. The neck has palmettes between the handles, which themselves have geometric decoration.

Ca. 625-550 BC.
Height: 16 7/8 in. (43 cm).
Accompanied by a thermoluminescence test confirming its age.

Bucchero ware was the distinct local pottery type of ancient Etruria. It is distinguished by its delicately potted black earthen fabric as well as its glossy, burnished black surface, often with incision work. Bucchero ware was produced through the unique "reduction" method in which it was fired.

Accompanied by Italian Free Circulation Certificate No. 138, 22/8/2013, issued by the Italian Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali.

Formerly in the Marc Auclert collection, Paris, acquired by his family in the London art market in the 1960s.

Inv#: 6720

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