Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet


Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet

An ancient Greek bronze helmet of the Corinthian type of rounded form, with curvilinear eye holes that taper to a point, a thick reinforced nose guard, broad cheek pieces that leave a vertical opening for the mouth, and a border that has been drilled with holes for rivets to secure an organic interior lining.

Peloponnesian Workshop.
Ca. 580 - 520 BC.
Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm).
Intact, excellent condition.

Confer for similar examples: Olympia Archaeological Museum, Greece: inv. nos. B2607, B4259, M841a.

To be published: R. Hixenbaugh, Ancient Greek Helmets; a Complete Guide and Catalog, C413.

Formerly in a Swiss private collection, purchased from Maxburg Galerie Antiken, Munich, 1970; previously in a German private collection; with Hixenbaugh Ancient Art, 2009; subsequently, B. D. collection New Jersey.

Inv#: 6860

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