Judaean 'Pinched' Oil Lamp


Judaean 'Pinched' Oil Lamp

A medium sized ancient Judaean 'pinched' oil lamp, wheel-made.

Holy Land.
Iron Age, ca. 1200 - 500 BC.
Length: 3 3/4 in. (9.5 cm).

Cf.: The Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, (Brussels) p.78 for examples from the Levant; for examples from Tunisia, The Phoenicians, (Milan, 1988), nos. 367-368; for wheel-made and pinched examples see R. Amiran, Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land , pl. 100, nos. 18-19.

Formerly in the collection of Dr. Wallace A. Russell,

Inv#: 6972


Guaranteed Authentic

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