Aramaic Incantation Bowl


Aramaic Incantation Bowl

An ancient Aramaic incantation bowl with an inward spiraling text inscription. The text consists mainly of a long enumeration of magic names including the names of angels.

Ca. 6th - 8th century AD.
Diameter: 7 in. (17.8 cm).

1 Sealed and double sealed is this Berikh-Yahveh son of Mamay in the name of tbwr tysb bn tytr yzrym smrt y w Yaho El Yaho pry yyy w Abraxas
2 lqw nyssth yyy w yyy w yw y yw y yy yy yy yy Yah Yah Yah smw h qnt qynwty yhwmy ss swlm tw
3 tysw pl w mpl w y w Lord d w yqw pry blh nw th hwmy hy y yy ylmn br
4 thwt w wrm Shaddai, my God, Hazael, God lives, Q(ados) Q(ados), st w bl tw Lord, the Lord,
5 I am Ehyeh, I am El, He that one, this is He, Michael and Gabriel,
6 Sabaoth, Sabaoth, Sabaoth, Sabaoth, Sabaoth
7 Sabaoth, Sabaoth, Sabaoth,
8 Sabaoth.

Formerly in an American private collection, translated by Dr. James Nathan Ford, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv.

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