A Brief Chronology of Ancient Bronze Age European and Celtic History 

Ca. 7000 BC Earliest farming villages in Europe.
Ca. 5000 BC Agriculture reaches Iberia.
Ca. 4500 BC Copper metallurgy reaches the Balkans.
Ca. 4000 BC Copper metallurgy introduced in Europe.
Ca. 3500 BC Construction of Megalithic tombs and circles in Atlantic coastal areas.
Ca. 3500 BC The cart and plow spread across Europe.
Ca. 3000 BC Bronze metallurgy begins in Europe.
Ca. 3000 BC Nomadic Indo-European settlers colonize large areas of Europe.
Ca. 2000 BC Stonehenge built.
Ca. 1800 BC Proto-Celts begin moving into Western Europe and the British Isles.
1300-1000 BC Urnfield culture begins and spreads throughtout Europe.
1100 BC Earliest hilltop fort sites in Europe.
1000-800 BC Urnfield culture penetrates Iberia.
1000-800 BC Hallstatt culture begins in Central Europe.
Ca. 700 BC Iron metallurgy begins in Celtic Danube regions.
650 BC Hallstatt Celtic wagon burials in Bohemia and Bavaria.
600 BC Iberian Celts are cut off from France by Iberians.
550 BC Celtic contact with Greek colony of Massalia in Southern France.
500 BC Hallstatt Celts migrate to Britain.
450 BC Herodotus describes the Celts
400 BC La Tène begins its frist phase, Celts settle the Po Valley in Northern Italy, conflict with Etruscans.
400 BC Celts become known to the Greeks and Romans (Greek: Keltoi, Latin: Galli)
390 BC Battle of Allia, Celts (Senones) sack the city of Rome.
368 BC Celtic mercenaries employed by Syracuse.
334 BC Romans sign a peace treaty with the Senones.
298 BC Celts invade Thrace and are defeated at Mt. Haemus.
285-282 BC Roman defeat the Senones.
279 BC Celts under Brennus invade Greece and sack Delphi.
278 BC Celts invade and settle in Anatolia (Galatia).
274 BC Celts are employed in the armies of the Seleucids and Ptolemies.
264-241 BC Celts involved in the First Punic War.
240 BC Attalos defeats the Gauls of Asia Minor, erects victory monuments.
225 BC Celts are defeated at Telamon in Tuscany, Celtic expansion begins to wane.
216 BC Celts assist in Hannibal's invasion of Italy and the Carthaginian victory at Cannae.
Ca. 200 BC Germans begin to dominate Central Europe.
125 BC Roman conquest of Southern Gaul.
123 BC Romans annex Gallia Narbonensis.
121 BC Domitius Ahenobarbus routs Allobroges at Arveni.
113 BC War between Romans and Celtic Iberians.
106 BC Romans annex Tolosa (Tolouse).
105 BC Roman forces are defeated by the Germanic Cimbri and Teutones at Orange.
101 BC Romans defeat the Cimbri and Teutones at Vercelli.
Ca. 100 BC Final phase of La Tène culture.
100 BC Belgic Gauls migrate into Britain.
88 BC Mithradates IV slaughters the leaders of Celtic Galatia.
58 BC Julius Caesar begins to subjugate Gaul.
55-54 BC Rome sends expeditionary force to Britain.
52 BC Vercengetorix leads a Gallic rebellion, defeated at the siege of Alesia by Julius Caesar.
9 BC Illyricum becomes a Roman province.
7 BC Victory monument at La Turbie, Provence.
9 AD Arminius leads northern German tribes in a complete annihilation of three Roman legions at Teutoberg Forest.
43 AD Romans under Claudius invade Britain.
61 AD British revolt led by Queen Boudicca of the Iceni is defeated.
69 AD Southern Britain is Romanized.
84 AD Romans defeat the Caldonians in Northern Britain.


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