Domitian          81-96 AD


Domitian 81-96 AD

Silver denarius, 20 mm, 3.41 gm.
Laureate head of Domitian facing right.
Rev: Soldier on horseback rearing right, raising hand. COS V in exergue

Rome mint. Struck under Vespasian, AD 78

Domitian (b. 10/24/51AD) campaigned aggresively in Britain and Germany. He was disliked by the writers Suetonius and Tacitus. His hypocritical policies were unpopular and he was murdered in his own bath at the instigation of his wife, Domitia, 10/18/96 AD.

RIC II (Vespasian) 957; RSC 49.

Formerly in the Estate of Paul Goodman, Houston, Texas, acquired before 1990.

Inv#: 6273


Guaranteed Authentic

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  • Domitian          81-96 AD



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