Augustus     27 BC-14 AD


Augustus 27 BC-14 AD

Bronze as, 24 mm, 10.61 gm.
Laureate head of Augustus facing right.
Rv: [ROM] ET AVG in exergue
Altar of Lugdunum with the corona civica between laurels, flanked by Victories on columns

A bronze as of Augustus from the Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Countermark TIB applied during the reign of Tiberius (14-37 AD).

Tiberius mother, Livia, divorced his father and remarried to Augustus in 39 BC. Tiberius is recognized as one of Rome's greatest generals, whose campaigns laid the foundations for the northern frontier. After the death of his son Drusus in 23, the quality of his rule declined, and ended in terror.

Cf. Pangerl 29

Formerly in the Richard Baker Collection.

Inv#: 7262


Guaranteed Authentic

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  • Augustus     27 BC-14 AD



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