Lysimachos   305-281 BC


Lysimachos 305-281 BC

Silver drachm, 17mm, 4.29 gm.
Obverse: Head of deified Alexander, with the horns of Zeus Ammon, facing right.
Athena enthroned, holding Nike, her arm resting on a shield, spear in background; to the left a bee between E .

Ephesos mint, struck ca. 294-287 BC.

Lysimachos (360 -281 BC) was a bodyguard and successor of Alexander. He was renowned for having saved Alexander's life during a lion hunt. Lysimachos inherited the Kingdom of Thrace which required constant warfare to maintain. He was killed at Corapedium fighting Seleucus.

Cf. Thompson 168; M?ller 421; HGC 3, 1753d

Inv#: 7323


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  • Lysimachos   305-281 BC



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