Bar Kochba Revolt  132-135 AD


Bar Kochba Revolt 132-135 AD

Bronze, 24 mm, 9.49 gm.
Obv: Palm Tree
Hebrew legend: Shimon
Rev: Grape leaf on vine
Hebrew legend: "For the Freedom of Jerusalem"

Ca. 132-135 AD.

The Bar Kokhba revolt was the 3rd rebellion of Judaea and the last of the Jewish-Roman Wars. Simon bar Kokhba, the commander, was acclaimed as a Messiah, his revolt established an independent state in parts of Judea for over two years, but a Roman army of 12 legions finally crushed it.

Mildenberg 124 (O10/R88); Meshorer 292; Hendin 736.

Inv#: 7367


Guaranteed Authentic

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  • Bar Kochba Revolt  132-135 AD



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