Egyptian Frog Oil Lamp


Egyptian Frog Oil Lamp

An ancient Egyptian pottery oil lamp in the form of a frog, the head in molded relief between the fill hole and the nozzle.

Coptic Egypt.
4th - 5th century AD.
Length: 3 1/2 in. (9.5 cm).

From an early date, the ancient Egyptians associated the frog and the toad with self-creation on account of their emergence from mud of the Nile following inundation. They were also associated with fecundity.

cf.: D. M. Bailey, A Catalogue of Lamps in the British Museum, Vol. III, Roman Provincial Lamps, (London, 1980), no. Q2132; British Museum, Accession Number 1886.31.4.

Formerly in a Connecticut private collection, acquired in the 1960's.

Inv#: 8524


Guaranteed Authentic

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